About Michaela

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If you have seen my business card, you have likely noticed a little sticker on the front saying “By Referral Only”… what does that mean? I am glad you asked 🙂

By Referral Only…means I don’t need to spend valuable time finding new clients. Therefore I can make a 100% commitment to make sure your priorities are recognized and met, and to guide you through each stage of the process – and beyond. My objective is not only to help you buy or sell a home one time, but to build a strong, lasting, lifetime relationship with you. I want you to be so satisfied with my help, that you feel compelled to introduce me to your friends, acquaintances and family, not by obligation, but because truly believe that they will benefit.

You see, referrals are the heart of my business.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you and to make this journey as comfortable for you as possible. In addition to english, I also speak german fluently and basic french.


As a full service real estate consultant, I work with buyers and sellers in real estate transactions spanning all of the price ranges and property types. I have worked with first-time homebuyer, sellers, buyer who want to have a bigger home as the family is growing, buyer and sellers who are downsizing, as well as with buyers and seller of condominiums and townhouses. 

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Call me at 612-345-9070 or email me to start a discussion of your needs. Or, fill out this quick form and tell me about your property interests and an overview of your needs.

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