How Much Does it Cost to Be a Realtor?

This is an interesting run down on what it costs to be a Realtor®. Mario Jannatpour, the author of this article,  is one of my favorite people in the real estate industry. In this article he is rather conservative about the cost. To some of these items he didn’t even attach a price and he didn’t list everything either. One biggie is the car and gas. In just the last two months I drove 1788 miles just for real estate alone! That translates into not only a lot of money for gas but also in quite a bit of money in repairs and upkeep on the car. There are also some other things Mario didn’t include. I think this is a great list to give people an idea about the cost of being a Realtor®. I love this job and wouldn’t want to do anything else even though it is sometimes tough….. 😉

The Honest Real Estate Agent

This is a question I get all the time:  How much does it cost to be a Realtor?  I will break this down for you based on my costs for last year.

The biggest cost is your desk fee or split percentage with the company you work for based on their business model.  Desk fees can range from $800 to $2,000 a month depending where you live and work because some cities will have higher rents for their office space.  When you pay desk fees you will get most of your commission when you make a sale–95% to 100% of your commissions.  If you do a split percentage, especially if you’re new, it will be in the 25% to 50% range.  This means when you receive a commission for a sale made the company you work for will take a percentage of your commission.

For me I have a nice…

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