Happy Veterans Day

veterans day picture

Today is Veterans day and I would like to thank all of you, who have served this country!

I know a little bit about life in the military as a dependent. I had opportunity to be the spouse of a US soldier. There is so much I could say about that, but I think for now I would  like to extend my “Thank you for serving” to the families of all those in the military. As a former “dependent” I understand the heartache and worry that goes along with that, as well as being part of this special circle of military wives. We used to help each other when our husbands were gone with childcare or just being the shoulder to cry on. People who were not part of that kind of family, didn’t quite understand our world. All this to say, Thank you to the families who support all these servicemen and women!

Today I am a Real Estate agent and since the military life is part of my past, I have a special burden for military families. A little bit ago I went to a special training which enables me now to help military men, women and families find a safe place to call home. If you were in the military, you are very likely eligible to buy a home for no money down, using a VA loan. I really would love to help you find that place where you want to settle down. As a Realtor I own my own business and that enables me to offer this to you:

If you or anyone in your family is a veteran and you buy a property with me, I will pay $ 400 of your closing cost. This offer is good until until December 31st, 2013. This is just a little token of saying “Thank you”. I hope it will be a little helpful.

The last thing I would like to share with you is that today there are more houses on the market than we had in summer. Which means that this is a good time to go house hunting.   So if you didn’t find what you were looking for before or you lost out on a home because of a multiple offer situation, you might want to take advantage of the market now.

If you have any questions or comments, please drop me a line or give me call at


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